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Gandu softwear Es apps ko aisa banaiye ki nokia classic me chale Human Locating System 3. Parter Tracker - People Tracker 3.

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GvSIG Mini 3. Partner Tracker 4.

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WalkMe 3. SMS With Location 4. GPS Tracker 3. GPS - People Finder 3. What functionality are you envisioning? What do you have so far, and where are you stuck making progress?

Now my problem is how should i proceed further. I'm not sure what changing a SIM card has to do with tracking a mobile phone, but as I said, the difficulty I see is how you're going to get that data. I just don't see that happening, so unless you know how to get it, I don't think there's much point thinking about details. If not, you'd need to contract with the mobile service providers to get it, and I foresee some significant difficulties that way - privacy concerns, for a start, If i have the relevant data.

You haven't told us what functionality you want to implement, specifically. Do you have a design for this project yet? It will check that whether its the one which was their when it was installed if not then it will send some SOS message to some No.

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This is what i want to create. Hope i have cleared the point. Yes, that makes it somewhat clearer. If you tell us which platform you're targeting -JME, Android or something else- then we can move the topic to one of the forums dealing with mobile Java. I may help you up to some extent. You want to attach a functionality of sending sms automatically ,you can do that but no in your case because it need user's permission.

Even if you got signed you midlet then there is a possiblity that your device ask user to send sms or not. Up until this point, we have been focusing on the backend code to our application. Which is ready to start handling incoming calls or leads.

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Next, let's turn our attention to the client side. Which, in this case, is a simple Javascript application, along with Chart. We display the stats in colorful pie charts we create with Chart. That's it!

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Our Java Servlet application is now ready to purchase new phone numbers, forward incoming calls, and record some statistics for our business. Build a server notification system that will alert all administrators via SMS when a server outage occurs. Thanks for checking this tutorial out! If you have any feedback to share with us please contact us on Twitter , we'd love to hear it.

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We all do sometimes; code is hard. Get help now from our support team , or lean on the wisdom of the crowd browsing the Twilio tag on Stack Overflow. Twilio Docs. Programmable Voice. NET quickstart Java quickstart Node. Device Twilio. Collapse Expand. Thanks for rating this page! If applicable fill in the countries where you are using Twilio. Talk to Support. Agustin Camino. This application has three main features: It purchases phone numbers from Twilio to use in different marketing campaigns like a billboard or a bus advertisement It forwards incoming calls for those phone numbers to a salesperson It displays charts showing data about the phone numbers and the calls they receive Check out how Whatclinic.